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Notes from the Rescata:

Well Zeus the Pyr Mix "gotta go somewhere and do something" 14 mo foster and his "Aunt" Nola are back together. Nola stays put w/o Zeus. I brought Zeus back to the Rescata 2 weeks ago. He spent time dehydrating himself trying to "re mark" 30 acres. They have stayed away from the recycling center /free range poultry buffet so far. My office has had 2 calls this week from Neighbor Dewayne on the lake... DH goes to fetch them last evening. They were standing at the top of Dewayne's driveway waiting on their ride home for supper..Loaded right up...laughs.
It's been a few years since an update on the journal. The pups are still here. Nola has been bailed o/o jail for crimes against the 'neighbors' chickens.
Zeus is still in lock down at my office. He's become the new best play boy in our play group of Day care pups.
The 2 newest Lilly and Pate are recovering from their surgery. They will come to the Rescata soon.
Their owner went to jail, the Grandma came in to take care of the kids, DFACS came in and said clean this place up and the dogs have got to go.
Lilly still belly crawls every where she goes at the office. They are both about 4 yo. Any plans for the week end?
Dr. Sara
We are all surviving a very cold winter in Middle Georgia. The dogs love it.
At least the wind has died down and the sun is shining. We have had to cap all the outside water lines. Everything froze and broke.
We were able to place several long term fosters in the last few weeks. Sabrina and Kimme both went home!
Hercules had to come back to us again. His little girl tripped over him and he snapped.
Unfortunately, he made contact.
I am still undecided about what to do with him. If anyone has suggestions or a home where he could be not put in that position again I'd appreciate it.
Jasmine is doing well. She is slowly beginning to use her leg. There has been a great deal of interest in her. We may have to hold a lottery when she is ready for adoption.
Odin, our resident Obsessive compulsive Malamute, has been a patient of mine for 7 years. He chewed his front paw to the point that he has a huge open sore on it.
We brought him to the Rescata to see if we could get his mind off his "foot job" and onto something else. He had never been around other dogs. It took him awhile, but he gets along with everyone now and is much happier.  I did some skin grafting on his foot this week, it did not take. I'll try again using a different technique.
Until next time,
Dr. Sara
Happy Holidays from the Rescata.
The Rescata is constantly striving to become self sufficient. As we accomplish this goal, more folks and dogs have become part of our family.
We have been blessed with some wonderful new volunteers.
Thanks to Wayne and Ann Guest and Jan Bhatti and Karen Deloria we have been able to continue rescuing dogs.
We have also found many dogs new homes.
I feel I have finally begun my role in rescue as the coordinator for Saint Rescue I signed up to be 3 years ago.
In sharing the responsibility of rescue and I can do so much more.
If you'd like to become part of our family and help rescue please email me at
With all help we will continue saving Saints.
Notes from the Rescata
Rescata Hacienda means Rescue Estate.
I am convinced that this place is on sacred ground. Eighteen plus acres of Heaven on Earth. This is the perfect place for a Saint Bernard rescue, no neighbors, a great kennel and a veterinarian (me) to take care of these guys and girls.
I have recently taken responsibility for the daily needs of eight of my rescues without any hired help.
I am learning more about each dog and would like to share my experiences with folks thinking of adopting one of these gentle giants.
I have 8 Saints waiting to get their ride home.
Last week, I was tired and had decided to euthanize Sabrina. She's been here a year and is still can be very shy and scared.
For now, I'll let her stay, understanding she is home here.
Kimme has really caught my attention this week. She gives me lots of "mooches" when I feed her. For those of you that have never experienced a real cold nose wet kiss from a Saint in the cool and dark of the morning I recommend it as a better wake up than a double espresso.  Kimme is a great dog and has even given up planning jail breaks. She's just happy to be here. I still have faith that she and Sabrina have homes out there.
Lizza and Dena are my kennel bosses. They are very gentle about it. When the girls have a disagreement, Dena separates the ones involved and Lizzie gives them a "talkin' to".
Georgette is moving to Pennsylvania on Saturday.
Chandler, Georgette and Isis have become Putnam County Championship Wrestling buddies.
Eve.. she's a piece of work, She steals my Clorox bottle when I'm cleaning kennels.
She wants to be a kennel boss, but is too busy being a clown trying to get attention for now.
I sure she'd do great in any home needing a 'little excitement'
Dr. Sara