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Donald Thomas Lupinski

10/25/1935 - 8/29/2001

Laura Wasson

Laura Wasson died on Nov. 16, 2001. She was 39 years old. There will be no funeral services. Those were her wishes. She will be cremated, & her ashes sprinkled in the stream that runs through her property.


She will be missed by all who knew her. I had the privilege of being one.


"Heaven has another Angel"; We love you Lil Sarah. And you are right, Heaven is a better place now and has a very strong soul. She will be greatly missed Doc. We all loved her and she will always have a special place in my heart as well!


Old Capital Pet Care and saint bernard rescue

Milledgeville, Georgia

? to 2/14/2002

Phantom: 7 year old male. 10/6/2001

? to 4/11/2002

Dixie: Dixie is now in foster care and doing well. Although permanently deaf, she is a very sweet loving 7yr.old girl in need of a retirement home. She loves to go for short walks (around the block) then settle in with her Kong full of peanut butter before taking a nap. Car rides are her favorite activity next to sleeping and eating. Our vet has given Dixie the "once over" finding the typical ailments that afflict all seniors. A little arthritis and cataracts that don't seem to bother her much especially when she sees a cat. Dixie gets along well with other dogs and is great with children. If you can find it in your heart to give Dixie her "forever home," please 4/11/2002

? to 5/1/2002

Hedgie: 6 year old female. 10/6/2001

? to 5/7/2002

Roscoe: Roscoe was a rescue dog who came into our lives for foster care about four years ago. He went through a glass window to escape the first day and continued to jump a 5 foot gate over and back for the next month. We decided he had to stay with us because we were afraid if he went anywhere else he would run away. He was always happy running and jumping. He was always there when we came home or were sick. He spent the rest of his life giving those who touched his life unconditional love. We will always have a special place in our hearts filled with happy memories of the dog who rescued us. He also became a dog who could break any dog of being dog aggressive, I watched him do this on several occasions. We miss you and loved you. May you be happy where you are.

Rick and Bev

Howes Kathys Klown V Sano


She rescued me. She was a show dog, a friend and companion to everyone and everything she met.


2/1/1992 to 5/29/2002

??? to 6/11/2002

Whitey: 6 year old male.

??? to 9/12/2002

Beethoven: 6-8 yr old sh male. Very sweet and loving. Good with kids and other dogs. Needs loving home to spend the rest of his life. 9/12/2002

Dozer: Due to Dozer's age and recent health concerns....he will be spending the rest of his time with us at our Saintuary. He is loved and doted upon and makes a great ambassador for all of the people who come into contact with him! 6-7 year old longhair male This big sweet boy has captured the hearts of many here in rescue! His happy nature and love of attention has made us all "suckers" for the giving of belly and chin rubs. Dozer seems to enjoy going! He likes to visit and soak up any and all attention that he can get from people. He has become quite the social butterfly, yet overall he is quite a laid back boy. He is housebroken and fully crate trained. He will find security to go and just curl up in his crate when he wants to get away from things for a while. He would definitely make his new family quite proud and he still has plenty of personality to grow with! 10/6/2001

? to 11/13/2003

Cricket: is a 7 month old (approximate age) female smooth coat Saint Bernard (who we believe has something besides Saint in her heritage) Cricket is a very well behaved pup that loves all animals, is house trained and has a very gentle nature. Cricket is spayed, current on all her shots and micro-chipped. 10/17/2003

1997 to March 2004

Jefé: was one of Kathy's three Saint Bernards. He was 7 years old. He was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Kathy was unable to part with him at that time when he was so lively and affectionate. She decided to treat his cancer which the doctors said may only increase his chances for another 6 months. Jefé, whose front leg was amputated, did not let cancer stop him. He had 2 more years and Kathy made sure that every day was spent as if it was his last. He came to her as a rescue. While helping to place him in a permanent home which didn't work out, she decided to keep him for herself. He is one of many dogs she has helped by fostering and adopting. Jefé will be missed but he had the best life under Kathy's care.

? to 04/03/04

Bonnie: is a two year old smooth coat Saint Bernard who was surrender to the rescue due to her owners' illness. Shortly after she came into rescue she blessed us with a litter of 10 puppies. All the puppies have been weaned and Bonnie is now ready for a permanent home of her own. Bonnie is housebroken, walks well on a leash, knows her basic commands and will be a wonderful addition to any family. Due to enough exercise she is a little high energy right now but after a couple hours of companionship she settles down and is a GREAT girl! Would you like to give Bonnie a permanent home? Bonnie has been spayed, current on all shots and is microchipped. Bonnie update 04/03/04: Bonnie crossed the rainbow bridge today. She experienced torsion and her Mom took her to the vet. Unfortunately, Bonnie was lost because of complications from surgery. She will always hold a spot in the hearts of those that knew and loved her! Rest in peace our sweet girl, we'll see you again one day.

? to 04/08/2004

HEIKA: is a 6 year old rough-coat female. She is spayed & utd on all her shots. Heika is housebroken & does well with other dogs. She tends to be an alpha female. Her only fear is of water & squirt bottles. Heika also walks well on a leash. She also knows some basic commands like "SIT", "STAY", "STOP", "SHAKE", & "LAY DOWN". 4/9/2004

? to 4/14/2004

DOZER: is a 9 year old rough-coat male. He is neutered & will be utd on his shots, prior to placement. Dozer is housebroken. He is a former rescue from Kansas who had been starved & severely beaten. His hind legs have some damage from the beatings, but he can stand & moves about okay, but has difficulty taking steps. Dozer is scared of thunder & lightning. It would be best that he goes to a home without young children or small pets, especially cats. He seems fine around other dogs. Dozer loves to play ball, but cannot do so for any stretch of time, due to his hind legs. He just needs someone to love him in his retirement years. 4/20/2003

? to 5/31/2004

Pipi: is a 7 year old shorthair female in need of that special home to call her own. She would love to be an only dog who could snuggle on the couch! She had been with a male dog in the past and they were quite bonded, after he passed away she needs to build her trust again with other dogs. She can be a bit aloof at times and needs that special family to help her understand and gain some confidence. Most of her life has been spent as a kennel dog and she would be most appreciative to learn about life in a "real" family! 10/6/2001

? to 8/25/2004

Molly:a 3yr old shorthaired female. She is just as sweet as sweet can be. Very happy girl who loves everyone and everything. She is housebroken, good with kids and other dogs. She's never been with cats but she saw some at the vet's office and wanted to play with them. She just wants to be someone loving and devoted pet. A true gentle giant. 8/2/2004

? to 9/16/2004

Ben: Ben is a 5 year old, full-mask 'extremely tall/large' rough coat male Saint Bernard. Ben was surrendered to us by the Animal Control in Kansas where he had been being held with Gypsy due to an animal cruelty case. Ben is 30" at the shoulders so he's a very very tall Saint and currently weighs 150 lbs and needs to gain at least another 30 lbs to be at his optimum weight for his size. Ben will need extensive leash training, since he had spent his entire life on a chain in someone's back yard. He's a very passive gentle giant. We have NO idea what his opinion of cat is, so please no cats in his future home. He is currently being treated for heartworm infestation but will be available for adoption by April 1st. Ben will be neutered, current on all vaccinations, heartworm & flea/tick preventative and microchipped prior to his adoption. Due to Ben being diagnosed with heartworms and receiving treatment he MUST stay on monthly heartworm treatment for the remainder of his life. 9/17/2004

? to 11/16/2004

PHARAOH: is a 9 year old longhaired male who has been living in a home for the last few years with Rosie. Due to his older condition, this sweet boy will be living out the rest of his life as a Saintuary dog. 11/18/2004

? to 12/19/2004

Gabby: is a 5 year old, black mask, rough coat Saint Bernard. She was surrendered to rescue due to her family moving into town. Gabby is lonely, she's happiest when she's allowed to play with her foster Mom's other foster dog - Pippin. She has never been allowed to be an indoor dog but it would be our goal to find her a family that would bring her into their home and into their family. She needs love, nurturing and patience but she will pay you back ten fold with her denotation and dedication. Would you give Gabby her forever home. 12/20/2004

4/11/59 to August 17, 2005

There is great sadness in our hearts for our Sin City Saint Rescue volunteers passed away on August 17, 2005 from injuries sustained in a car accident. We have lost a special person who dedicated her life to her family, friends and St. Bernards in need. 8/19/2005

? to 10/23/2005

Boonie: aka Junior Although Boonie is extremely timid right now, he is going to make someone a wonderful, loving, gentle companion. Boonie's great with dogs - big and small. His best friend, in his prior home was a very small terrier mix and he's lonely without him. He is more comfortable with females than he is with males because his prior owner was a female. 3/17/2005

? to 4/5/2006

Elliot: 15 year old cocker spaniel rescued 1996 by Beverly and I has outlasted many Saints and been the personal groomer to most of them he is survived by our two rescued saints Gil and Bella. 4/4/2006

? to 7/5/2006

Alex: In June 2000, we lost our beloved Goldie, a Golden Retriever/Golden Lab mix. We had gotten Goldie 14 years earlier for my son's 2nd birthday. She was a very special dog. Although we had 3 other dogs, Goldie left a big void in our hearts.

We decided we would look for another dog. We had a Newfoundland once before, and really fell in love with the "big dogs". One of the dogs that we had at the time was a female Saint, Shasta. She was such a love that we decided we would get another Saint.

We found the Saint Rescue website, and checked out what they had available. We went to meet Ann and 3 Saints that were available here in Arizona at the time. When we got there, the one we had hoped to meet had already been spoken for. They had a female and a male. The male had been found a stray, was very underweight, and was a bit on the depressed side. They brought out the little girl, and she was a very pretty girl, but not much personality. They brought out Alex, and although he was about the ugliest Saint I had ever seen, he was SO sweet. He was tall, but extremely thin. He was 70 lbs when they found him. He was 100 lbs when we got him. He came over and greeted each of us, then decided he needed to check out the place to see if there was anyone else to greet. We went home and talked. I told my husband that I really thought Alex could be a great dog. All he needed was some food and a lot of love. I knew we could provide both.

We did the paperwork, and Debbie and Judy met us at a park near our home so we could introduce Alex to our other dogs on neutral ground. He did great. He got along just fine with our dogs. We got ready to go home, and he just climbed right into our vehicle and was ready to go.

Our German Shepard took over as the alpha dog when our Goldie died. She is a VERY pushy alpha dog. Alex pretty much just ignored Sheba, which of course upset her greatly. After about a week of her abuse, he struck back. That was all it took. They became great friends! Every once in a while, Sheba would push a little too much, and Alex would remind her he was much bigger and was not afraid of her.

When Alex met our female Saint, Shasta, it was like they both knew they were the same. Those two hit it off immediately. It was almost as if they had known each other forever.

Alex got food, and LOTS and LOTS of love. We have a very large yard, and Alex loved to run. He would run and run till he was about to drop. Another favorite pastime was climbing up in the trees and shaking the birds out. That looked hilarious. And man would it upset the birds. At times he would also stand up and look over our block wall, when there was someone out there that didn't listen to his "get away from my home" barks. We heard many very surprised exclamations when people would see that huge head look over the fence at them.

He was always wagging his tail, and he would literally fold himself in half to look back at us. He frequently forgot to duck when he tried to go out the doggie door. A few times, he was running quite well when he forgot to duck, and you would have thought the house was going to come down when he hit. He thrived. He gained his weight to where he should be as a male Saint – about 170 lbs, and his coat became absolutely gorgeous. He became quite a nice looking dog, in fact quite beautiful. He loved to go for rides – if he heard a leash, he was at the door dancing. He also really liked going to the groomers. He would come home and strut like he knew he was the most handsome dog on this earth. But the most beautiful thing about Alex was his loving personality. Alex was the most beautiful soul ever on this earth. He was a totally happy-go-lucky guy. And, he was always so grateful just for being. We usually called him Goofy because he so reminded us of the cartoon character Goofy.

We lost our beautiful Alex on 7/5/06. He will always be in our hearts. He has left SUCH a huge void in our lives. When we have recovered a bit from this huge hurt, we will most likely go back to Saint Rescue to see who might be there for us to love then.

Thank you so much Debbie, Judy, and Ann at Arizona Saint Rescue for the opportunity you gave us to have such a very loving soul for these past six years. His life was cut WAY TOO short, and he is desperately missed, but our lives would not have been as full without him.

I have submitted the memory of two beloved dogs to your website, Bronson & Taz. When I go to your website and visit them it gives me great comfort. You provide a wonderful site.

I notice that dogs only are posted. We (my husband & I) have been rescuing dogs (one rottie & the rest Saints) since 1999. We also have two cats. The cats are actually mine. I have had them both for their entire lives - 17+ years. My tabby, Carly, was rescued from the vets when she was brought in as part of a litter that had been left on the side of the road. My other sweetie, Stormy, was rescued from an alley in Saratoga, NY as a stray.

I recently had to have my Stormy put down. It was a decision that I fought for many months.

I feel she deserves to be remembered as well. Would your site accept a cat memory ? If not, perhaps you know of a site that would ? I have attached a picture of my Stormy.

Thank you and, again, thank you for your website. It is great service to animal lovers who wish to keep their much loved friends remembered.

Denise Geraldi

George aka "Biggie": Hi my name is George. I'm an 8 year old male long haired saint bernard. I am presently living with a puppy and some cats. I am well mannered and walk well on a leash. I enjoy having my coat brushed. 10/28/2006

Goliath: (2001-2004): Our lovable "Big Bear" lost his life too soon. He was being transported via shuttle from California to Georgia and died from heat stroke. The Vet on route said it was a terrible site. Our beautiful Saint died not from natural causes, but from improper care. It has been 2 years and we still mourn over the loss of our family member.

I would also like to give my e-mail address if anyone would like further information regarding this Pet transportation company. Please do not let another Saint Bernard die. Thank you.)

Kati: (aka...Katibird) 2001-2008 - Forever in our hearts.....

Kati was our very first St. Bernard. We had decided to go with rescue because we felt more needed to be rescued than "purchased". Kati was a hard core rescue case. Her so called "owners" had mistreated her so badly. Our rescue contact person called us and we fell in "love at first sight". At the time, we had a rottie that we had rescued. He was 10 years old and "lookin for love". Kati fit the bill. Kati was a love from the start. She was a "runner" for sure but since she was only used to being chained up all the time......who could blame her ?!?!?!? She eventually settled down and just LOVED hanging out in the yard in the nice weather. My husband's family had begun camping out in the large field in back of our house. Every May, they looked SO forward to seeing Kati run out to greet them.& It was "Hey, camping season !! Here comes our Katibird !!". So many tears were shed when they were told of her passing in March of 2008. Kati is the most amazing special angel that ever was. I want to thank our rescue person SO MUCH for bringing her into our lives. Kati gave us 7 years of such joy & love & happiness. I am so thankful that Kati decided she wanted us. Kati developed epilepsy and tho we tried we could never figure out what was causing her seizures. We finally focused in on fruits & veggies and eliminated them all from her diet. We were in constant touch with our great vet (Dr. Chris Southard) to monitor her. One day (while we were away) she had a seizure she could not recover from. I came home and found her barely there. She died in my arms and I truly believe she was waiting for me to come home to her. I told her it that it was okay....that she should go and be with her friends and that we would always LOVE her and never forget her. She died ten mins later. Our hearts are so broken (as are many others) Rescue is SO important. Kati came from a terrible situation to what ( I hope) was the best place for her. I miss my angel every day of my life.

Sienna: ? to 2008 Sienna is a 9-10 year old spay, longhaired female, who has been in our rescue program kennels for the past 5 years. We would love to see her live out her remaining life in a home where she can just be the best that she can be. She is a very sweet and loving "people" girl. She can be dog dominant and a little cranky with other dogs and with her given age, we can accept this. She would love a home where she can be the "one and only" special family dog. She loves short walks and car rides and will make a wonderful addition to her new family, Sienna has a heart of gold and will spend all of her waking moments bringing love and compassion to the family who loves her. 8/6/2008

Bob: ? to 6/2009 Four years ago we adopted Bob from the Arizona St. Bernard Rescue and we have to thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with such a wonderful dog. Bob had some heart problems and late this June, just shy of his ninth birthday, he passed away. Bob loved to travel, go to the beach, and play in the snow. He was a great ambassador for the breed as he met many people with warmth and (droolly) love. He is survived by Belize, a 71/2 year old (adopted) Great Dane. They were glorious friends. Our house and our hearts have a terrible emptiness without him. We loved him more than I can say. He will be dearly missed. Thank you again for all the hard work done by you and all the people at the Rescue. 7/25/2009

Chase: ? to 12/24/2009 is a 2 1/2 year old spayed female. She loves everyone and everything. She's good with other dogs, cats and kids. She is a special needs dog as she has seizures, but they are controlled by meds. Won't you consider giving this lovely girl a forever home. 12/24/2009

Noah Francis Asid (August 17, 2000 - December 31, 2009)

Noah Francis Asid, 9, of Hampstead, and Hanover, Pa., died unexpectedly Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Born Aug. 17, 2000, in Hagerstown, he was the son of Steve Asid, of Hampstead and Kathi Earnest Asid, of Hanover.

He was a student at Hampstead Elementary School and was a member of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Manchester and St. John Catholic Church in Westminster. He enjoyed many activities in his spare time, including Legos, electronic games, rock climbing, baseball, soccer, horseback riding, camping, fishing, crabbing and attending monster truck shows.

Surviving, in addition to his parents, are grandparents Ed and Louise, of Leesburg, Fla., and Phil and Shirley, of Ellicott City; aunts and uncles Sue and Mike, Bethany, and Tim; and a cousin, Ryan.

The family will receive friends from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at Eckhardt Funeral Chapel, 3296 Charmil Drive, Manchester.

A Mass of the Angels will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, 2930 Hanover Pike, Manchester, with the Rev. Michael Roach officiating. Interment will be in New Lutheran Cemetery in Manchester.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be sent to the Living Legacy Foundation, 1730 Twin Springs Road, Suite 200, Baltimore, Maryland 21227.

Online condolences may be made at

Lion ? to 7/18/2010

On Sunday evening, at twelve years of age, our wonderful Lion went to run in the fields of Heaven. Lion adopted us when he was eight years old. He was supposed to go to another rescue members home for his retirement years but he had other plans. Upon seeing the new family, he gave them his "meanest" Mr. Grumpy bark, wrapped himself around Keith and then ran for our car, as fast as you can on old hips, circling it trying to get in one of the doors.

Lion, I hope Heaven had the largest sock buffet ready for you where you could have a sock stuck to your tongue and you didn't have to give that big brown eyed look of "what sock" and no emergency trips on Easter to the vets to remove said "what sock". Four years was not enough big guy, we miss you so much. Love, Mom & Dad.

? to 11/22/2010

Darla: even though you just crossed the rainbow bridge today, we miss you so much. You spent five years with the rescue and we hoped so much for you to find your forever home, but guess we were meant to be your family. We will miss your sweet gentle kisses on our chins, but will take comfort in knowing you no longer hurt from the bone cancer and are now out running through the fields with all the saints that crossed before you.

? to 8/29/2011

Mary: is probably around eight years old and was dumped on the streets by her former owner. Mary is a very beautiful, sweet and gentle loving saint. Won't you please consider giving Mary a happy loving home? She would love you so much. 9/1/2011

Daisy: is a two year old shorthaired saint. She is a very loving girl to all people she meets. She gets along well with other dogs too. She came from a home with a five year old girl and has been around children as young as one year old. 2/10/2012

Hi Jennifer,

A few years ago I adopted Bruno from the St. Bernard rescue. This past Thanksgiving he pasted away. I wanted to write you this email to tell you and others at the rescue how much my dog meant to me. He was so incredibly beloved and truly my best friend. In the mornings he would greet me by putting his face on the bed and giving me a wake up nudge. He went with me everywhere: pet store, to school to pick up my son, to the grocery store, parks, friends houses, vacation. I'll never forget his smiling face or how much he loved riding in the car or getting belly rubs. After a long and trying week dealing with kidney failure, he died peacefully in his favorite place, on his favorite blanket on my side of the bed and his head in my lap. Thank you so much for helping me find this dog. I can only hope that every dog owner can appreciate and love their dog as much as they deserve.

Best regards,


? to 4/18/2012

Nina: is a five year old longhaired female. She is doing well in her foster home and according to her foster Mom she is a very loyal girl. She is protective of what is hers and she is quick to trust her people. She is a bit fearful of small dogs especially when they get in her face but is adjusting to them in foster care. She would probably do best in a one dog home or with a medium to large size buddy that is not alpha. She knows her basic commands of sit, stay come and down. Loves her car rides and is a picky eater but could stand to lose some weight (like most of us girls!) Nina does bark at strangers but learns quickly who is O.K. Will you be the lucky family that adopts Nina into her forever home? 4/18/2012

? to 5/9/2012

Patches: is four years old and a very handsome guy. He needs a quieter home with adults only or a family with older children. He likes younger children but when it gets really noisy and busy around the house it worries him and he frets. Patches likes other large dogs and plays with all the other rescues. He goes to our adoption events and loves all the attention. 5/9/2012

January 11, 2008 to June 13, 2012

Bella was born January 11, 2008. She came to us when she was 9 months old, scared, and afraid to trust anyone (including other animals), with many hurdles to jump over.

First she had to meet the family, our two sons and their girlfriends (who became their wives, and now have children). It didn't take long to realize that the more she saw you the more trusting of you she became. I never had a dog that literally hugged and kissed you over and over again when you came in the door (this she did everyday 'til the day she died).

Training was a hurdle, I had to get into the crate with a treat and show her that it was okay, before she would get in. This was a ritual every night for at least a month. She had "one on one" with an instructor for 3 months; this included the basics, and meeting other dogs and cats (she lived with two). This she accomplished rather well. But, she still couldn't understand why the other dogs had a problem with her, little dogs would bite her nose and the bigger dogs would be nasty towards her. By the time Bella turned a year old, she was lying on the couch by the window waiting for us to get home and sleeping in bed with us (we did end up buying a king size bed, so all three of us could fit comfortably).


The next very important thing was to get her to be friendly with people. Some people she liked and some people she didn't. If you weren't a regular at our house she would let you in and keep a serious eye on you. But again, if you were a regular she was all over you, even our grand children (who are 19 months old) would hold on and say "stop Bellie stop". Of course than they come to one of us so we could wipe the slime from their faces and hands.

Bella began to gain a lot of weight (178 pds); soon we found out that she had an inactive thyroid, once medicated over a period of time she slimmed down to 135 pounds. In the winter of 2010-2011 while playing in the snow, she pulled a ligament in her right knee and had to learn to swim, which again she did very well.

But the last and final hurdle came this past weekend, Bella became very sick, she was constantly drinking water, and not eating. She couldn't hold anything down and was urinating like crazy. When we took her to the vets we found out that her liver was not functioning properly. She passed away in my arms June 13, 2012.


Bella had endured numerous hurdles over the last three and half years, and was doing extremely well. She just could not overcome this last hurdle. She was the largest lap dog ever and had a lot of love to give. She was the best dog we ever had, and the love of our lives. She will truly be missed.

Hope: ? to 6/23/2012

The Strength of a dog to survive -

I admire her and always will for her perseverance!! No matter what "LIFE" through at her!

"In March of 2012, a St Bernard was in a pound in Maryland. She was a "puppy mill" mother victim, the vet estimated that she had many many litters. She was in very very poor medical condition, they didn't realize that she had not been eating and a volunteer by the name of Kyle was told that she was going to be put down. Kyle, a wonderful volunteer, made some phone calls, talked to me and he put her in his car and drove 3 hours to my home in PA. When she got here, she weighed 80 pounds from severe starvation and couldn't hear anything. We started to check her out and found that her ears were so dirty that they were totally closed off. I cleaned then and she could actually hear us talking to her. Before this, she would not react to anything, now she was reacting to everything. You immediately saw a spark of life return to her. I named her HOPE......there was "hope" for a good life.We took her to our vet immediately and bloodwork was taken and she was in pretty good health with the exception of severe starvation. You could see the strength and spirit in her eyes. I had to force her for 1-2 weeks until she started eating little bits. The second month she started to eat and drink on her own, and was even getting up on her own to walk around on her own. She was getting strength back.She was a great dog! She got stronger and stronger. In June, she was strong enough to be spayed. We made the appointment and took her to the hospital. During the operation, the doctor found a large tumor which made her actually have to have two different surgeries that day. Also during the surgery, the doctors found rocks and stones in her digestive system and animal bones which they figured she ate when no food was being given to her and she could never get rid of them, at which time they cleaned out her entire digestive system At the end of the day, she was strong enough to go home and as the vet tech were ttempting to put her in our car, she just got up and walked out to the car. She was a very strong willed dog that really was loving life. Yesterday, June 23, 2012 we awoke to find something seriously wrong with Hope, so we rushed her to a local vet hospital where doctors attempted to save her from bloat this was one fight that Hope couldn't over come. They made her comfortable, I sat with her as she still tried to keep on showing affection, when Hope finally made her trip to over the rainbow bridge. 6/23/2012

? to 8/16/2012

Roma: needs a home! Be it a forever foster home or a traditional adoptive home, she needs a home now. Roma sadly was turned in at 8 years of age. She is such a sweet girl and was raised around children as young as 6 months old. She had to be shaved down because she came in so extremely matted and dirty. If you foster Roma, the rescue will cover her expenses and you cover the loving comfortable home with Roma giving you lots of love back part. Sounds like a deal to me. 8/16/2012


Wilson (March 2001 - February 2014)

We are sorry to say that Wilson suffered back to back strokes within a day a few weeks ago. Wilson was the best St. Bernard - loved his car rides, children, people, and protecting the bunny rabbits next to his shed in the backyard. When we got Wilson, his legs had been in bad shape - but he made it up to walking 1.5 miles, made friends with the pup next door, and could eat like a champ. We enjoyed family time together and we will miss him dearly.


Surenity Blitz Gonzalez (formerly Jani C Hoblitz) and Anthony Gonzalez Adopted Wilson in 2011

WE NEED YOUR HELP! (Zeus lost his battle to Lymphoma. We were the last ones he saw when he went to sleep. On November 14, 2014 2:22 PM)

Zeus: Meet our Zeus, we were asked to take him the day he was to be euthanized. He liked to bite, chased people out of our house, went through the window after the neighbor. Fought with all the dogs and then one day, Zeus just walked up to Me (Pam) and leaned into me and hugged my side, and he was a changed dog ever since. He now lives to go to our events and meet and greet people. He loves everybody, and even though he is sick - he knew we were doing another event the other week and ran to the door so he could go too. He was devastated when we left him behind, because we knew he was to weak to do it. He is a very special boy - not only to us, but also everybody that meets him. We have had people come up to our events just to visit him again, because they saw him before. He's our 3 year old Saint Bernard and he was recently diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma, a devastating cancer that if left untreated will kill him in a matter of months. Zeus is usually full of life and spirit and we hope to prolong his life with the help of chemotherapy that has been shown to be very successful in putting the cancer into remission. Zeus is coming home tomorrow morning, as he is starting to respond well to his treatment thus far, but still has a long rough road ahead. . They are very optimistic for him to pull thru with the treatments. He has not started eating yet, but they said he will shortly. He may be able to come to events shortly and do what he loves, meet new people with your help. He is the Ambassador for our Organization. We refuse to accept this fate of our little boy. We need to raise $4000.00 for his treatment that he is receiving from University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center Zeus means the world to us and his is the face of our rescue at ALL of our events and we would very much appreciate any small amount of help… Thank you so much! 11/5/2014

2005 to 4/20/2015

Bettis: is a 4 yr old male. He is a very mellow but active guy. He loves everyone and is good with other dogs and possible even cats. He is a very big boy, but very gentle and loves kids. He is a very big boy, but very gentle. He loves car rides and wants to be your big couch potato. 8/17/2009