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Lucy: This is Lucy! She was owner-surrendered 11/12 through no fault of either Lucy or her owner....Lucy was just too much dog for her owner and contacted WSBR. Lucy is roughly 8 years old, roughly 110 pounds, full blooded, spayed, up to date on shots and preventatives. Lucy is good with other dogs, cats and kids, knows "sit", and loves attention which includes pets and being brushed. The type of foster or adopter we are looking for is ideally a home that someone will be home at all times. Lucy's previous home had someone there and she is used to that initially but will work with her to learn to get used to being alone at times. If you might be interested in fostering and/or adopting Lucy feel free to fill out an application UPDATE 1: Apparently, Lucy watches TV! We had on one of those BBC animal documentaries on and she was quite interested in it. She also showed her playful side this morning in trying to get any of our dogs to play. None were interested at that early hour though. UPDATE 2: Lucy keeps getting sweeter by the day as she settles into her foster home. She just had her nails trimmed so she no longer makes a clickety-clacking noise as she walks. She will be visiting a local doggy day care this week so she can play with other dogs. She is getting along with her foster family dogs and cats but none are willing to play just yet. UPDATE 3: Lucy passed the day care evaluation with flying colors so she will join her foster brothers at day care once a week to burn off excess energy. Lucy paid a visit to the vet because of excessive water drinking and was diagnosed with a type of diabetes that doesn’t allow her kidneys to process water normally. She is on medication and will be monitored and will get a followup with the vet soon. This has not stopped Lucy from coming out of her self imposed shell. As time passes she learns how the rules work, knows how to get one of her foster brothers to play with her, knows how to tell us when she needs to visit the outhouse and really knows how to turn on the cuteness and get pets. 12/7/12017

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Contact: Jan Much (414)764-0262 wstresq@jmuch.com