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General Public Postings

Elsa: (Waiting for Foster/Adoption) – 3yr old female, whose elderly owners just do not have the ability to care for her the way Elsa deserves. Elsa has always been an inside dog her whole life, and it is very important that her forever home keep her as an indoor dog. She does well at the dog park and also did well with another dog in her home, but she is probably not as socialized as she should be. In her current home, Elsa has an electric containment fence in the yard and doesn’t cross the boundaries, but she does bark at people walking on the sidewalk. She is up to date on her shots, has not been aggressive in her current situation, and does not do stairs according to her owner. They’re note sure how she would be with cats. She also has not really been exposed to children, but if there children around, it’s probably best that the children be older and know how to be respectful with a large dog. Elsa should be introduced to new people and new situations carefully because she has led a very sheltered life. 2/8/2017

Aspen: (Waiting for Foster/Adoption) – 2yr old female, She is very energetic and playful, easy going with kids and other St. Bernard. Unfortunately over the last 6-9 months, she has become very anxious and does not do well being home alone. One of the owners works 12 hour shifts, and the other works 50-60 hours weekly. She has been having accidents in the house, clearing off kitchen counters, eating non-edible objects, etc. They have tried rearranging their schedules so she has less time alone. They have been working on obedience training and trying to expend more of her energy during the times that they are home. They feel she deserves more than what they are currently able to provide for her. 2/8/2017

Journey: (Waiting for Foster/Adoption) – 4yr old female, The owner says she is extremely loving and enjoys cuddles more than anything. Would be best in a home without small children. She has very mild hip dysplasia but not on any current medications. She will need work on a leash and is a little fearful of strangers. The owners did not get very much socializing done with Journey – will need to be introduced to new people and new situations carefully because she has led a very sheltered life with the current owners. The owners feel she would do best with a fenced in yard and she can be selective with her dog friends. The owners feel that someone who is used to the giant breed and understands how a Bernard can be very protective of its family would be the right fit. 2/8/2017

Sven: (Currently in Foster Home) – approx. 9yr non-neutered male, He has been in a couple homes, then adopted by an older women who had him for 5yrs but she now has medical issues and is unable to care for him. We have been told he is super friendly, ok with other dogs, loves to be brushed, loves to “talk” to people, unknown with little kids. He weighs about 116lbs, up to date on shots – told he has “droopy eye”. 2/8/2017

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Contact: Jan Much (414)764-0262 wstresq@jmuch.com