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Think money can't buy happiness?  Try paying a pet adoption fee.

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Xena: and moose: NEED TO REHOME DUE TO DIVORCE Contact keili summers summersk927@gmail.com 1-920-851-0674 Female: Xena, under 2 yrs, st bernard/black lab, "dog aggressive" must've introduced gradually Male: Hercules aka "moose", 1 1/2 yrs ish, st Bernard Around kids entire lives, no bite history, house trained, they are a bonded pair as they have been together since they were pups, loving, energetic, snugglers. 7/23/2017

Trinity: In need of foster/adoptive home Trinity was being given away for FREE at a garage sale 5/20/17. She is missing a back leg, was dirty and smelly but VERY SWEET and loving. Was given birthdate of Nov 21, 2014. She loves children (she just met) as you can see in pictures. 6/1/2017

For above dogs
Contact: Jan Much (414)764-0262 wstresq@jmuch.com