Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.



Paul S. Kiswardy (412) 302-8749
"Volunteers Wanted" We are looking for qualified people to transport and care for (foster) Saint Bernards, in addition to adoption if interested.
"adoption fees start at $400 and depend on the amount of money needed to make sure the dog is healthy and adoptable."
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Hank: is a beautiful, large ( 155 Lbs ), 4 year old male St Bernard. Hank is friendly to other animals adults and children . He is very lively , energetic, healthy and demands daily exercise . Hank is a great example of a large St Bernard , and thrives on human companionship, and should not be left alone for long periods of the day . A real attention getter, healthy and happiest when with his human companions and maintaining an active lifestyle . Definitely not a full time couch potato dog. Fully vetted and up to date with vaccinations , and is neutered .11/5/2020

Cooper: is a beautiful 7 year old male St Bernard that needs a home away from most other dogs and cats. Cooper is very loyal to his Owner once he gets to know him, but not immediately comfortable with strangers. Very healthy, excellent to walk with. High prey drive. We have lived with Cooper for some months and he is playful, comical, loyal, easy going. A beautiful dog for the right person that has prior experience with large breeds. 1/20/2018

Bandit: A sad story can have a happy ending with your help: A 12 year old Saint Bernard can no longer be cared for by his loving owner due to the Owner being recently confined to a wheelchair. Bandit looks much younger than his years but is slow getting up due to some weakness in the rear legs area, typical of this age. Bandit gets along well with other dogs, and simply needs a quiet home to enjoy the rest of his days. Extremely well cared for over his life with daily exercise, Bandit has all medical records and is in great health for his age at a weight of 130 lbs. A mature family home without steps or slippery floors would be ideal. A home with no children is required. A foster home for this wonderful dog would give his last years a loving home (like he was use to all his life) instead of a kennel,  What a wonderful blessing. 10/2/201

Eden: is doing very well. She is 2 years old and 150lbs. She is housetrained. Still needs work on her attention span but so far no major issues. Haven't had any chance to test. But given her size and love of play would say at least teenagers. She loves to run and play but a 6-foot fence is a must. She would do best in a home as the only dog and not too many neighborhood dogs around. She gets along ok with the cat but sometimes gets a little fixated. Don't think she's nipped at the cat but the focus does get a little intense. Her basic commands are pretty solid - sit, stay, down, let's go, etc. - but needs more work on maintaining focus. I would go so far as to recommend professional training from which she would benefit greatly as she does learn fast (again, it's about focus). She'll take dedication and patience and needs to be in a home where they will consider her family not just "a dog". Leash trained, Does well in a car, Likes toys, Lap pet, Obedient, Affectionate, Eager to please, Intelligent, Gentle She is currently in a foster in MT. Pocono, PA SHE IS NOT GOOD WITH CATS, OR OTHER DOGS HAS A HIGH PREY DRIVE. 8/1/2016