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OREGON IS DESPERATELY IN NEED OF FOSTER HOMES - PLEASE CONTACT ALLIE KANE IF YOU CAN HELP If you are interested in becoming a foster or volunteer with Oregon Bernard Rescue please download application below fill it out and sign and mail to address included. (You will need Adobe reader) Oregon Saint Bernard Rescue VOLUNTEER FOSTER APPLICATIONS.pdf

These folks donate most (if not all) of the food used by local rescue.

"Happy Saint Bernard's fed by donations from Whole Pets NW"

Belle: is a shorthair spayed Saint mix female who is under a year old. She is smaller, about 70lbs but at 8 months old there is still room to grow. She is energetic and has been very well trained. Belle just arrived so we are learning more about her. She has not yet been tested with other dogs or cats. We do know that she should not be placed in a home with livestock. Belle is currently fostered in southern Oregon. If you are interested in adopting Belle, please fill out an application. 4/27/2017

Leeia: and Kona: have come in to rescue due to their owner losing their housing. Leeia is a cute 5 year old smaller l/h female in great shape. She is housebroken and has great manners. She really attaches to her people and doesn’t wander too far. She understands some commands and comes when called. Being a mature gal, she doesn’t have too much patience with the foster’s resident rowdy puppy, so if adopted into a home with other dogs, she would probably do best with an older male dog. Kona is a 1 ½ year old s/h male. He’s a great big goof ball who still acts like a puppy. He is housebroken but is still learning adult dog house manners. He is also very attached to people. He is okay with other dogs but gets bored quickly and goes and takes a nap. He is a very attractive, strong muscular boy. Neither dogs bark much and both do well on a leash, although Kona does still pull some. Both ignoring the resident chickens, but not sure about other livestock. We would like to have them adopted as a pair as they seem very fond of each other. Due to their size we would recommend kids be 10years or older. Both dogs are still being vetted and will be spayed/neutered, utd on shots, microchipped and heartworm tested. They are currently fostered in southern Oregon. If you are interested in adopting this wonderful pair please submit your application. 4/27/2017

Elle: Introducing Elle! Elle is an 11 month old female Saint Bernard that came to us from a shelter. She was dumped there by her owner who said she was blind, deaf and aggressive and wanted her euthanized. Elle is blind, but we think that she can see some light and dark. We do not know if the blindness is a result of neglect, abuse or a birth defect. Elle is not deaf, although her ears were very infected. Elle, being blind, can be defensive in some situations, mostly with other dogs. We feel that Elle was a very pampered puppy at one time: she likes to cuddle, lay in your lap, she eats off a spoon, she wants someone to go with her out in the dark. We think that she came across some bad times where she was confined, intimidated and perhaps surrounded by dogs that scared her. Elle won’t be available for awhile but we wanted to show you this lovely girl. Elle is in a foster home in Oregon where we are working on socialization. She needs to gain some weight (only 74lbs!) and she will need to be spayed before we can consider placing her in a home. 3/28/2017

Bella: Meet Bella!! Bella is a 14m old female Saint that was turned over to rescue when her family had to move. Bella has mostly been an outdoor dog, so our foster is working on house breaking and indoor socialization. We were told she gets along great with other dogs, cats and was raised with kids. Her former owner planned to breed her but we are pleased to inform you that Bella will not be a mommy in this lifetime. Bella has not seen a vet since she was two months old, so she will be requiring a full work up. We have had her treated for some extremely infected ears (some of the worst I have seen) and giardia. She also needs to gain some weight. She is very bubbly and outgoing and she will make someone a great pet. Bella should be available for adoption in late April. If you are interested in this pup, please fill out an adoption application at application. 3/28/2017

Pablo: My name is Pablo. I’m one of the new additions to Oregon Saint Bernard Rescue. I am an 8 year old longhair male. I’ve been an outdoor dog most of my life, so I am just learning some house manners. As you can see in the picture, I am pretty okay with it. I like other dogs, as long as they don’t challenge me and have been good with the ladies. I am definitely not a cat-person. No way. I’ve been around kids, but I’m getting up there in years, and it would probably be best if there were no little ones around on a regular basis. I’m also not too fond of vets with hypodermic needles. They freak me out. I like car rides, walks, baths, being brushed and petted. I know basic commands like sit, lay down and stay. The nice folks at rescue are going to put me on some high quality grain free food, fix up my icky nose, work on my allergy and skin neglect issues, and get me neutered. I’m really looking forward to that! I could really use some joint supplements to keep me on the move. If you are interested in helping me out, Oregon Saint Bernard Rescue has an Amazon Wishlist that you can order from. They would like me to go on Cosequin DS. (You can find this under Your List/Find list or Registry/enter: Oregon Saint Bernard Rescue). Currently, I am in foster until I get all fixed up, but if you are interested in submitting an adoption application, you can at application. 3/14/2017

Zeus: is a 14m male Saint Bernard. Zeus is a fun guy! He loves walks, other dogs and kids; everyone he meets is his new best friend. He loves the water but can’t swim. He was formerly an outdoor dog who slept in the garage but he is learning to be a house dog. Zeus has had a lot of hard knocks in his short life; the most recent being left at the vet clinic when he started having seizures. The vet clinic called rescue and we brought him in. We have ran some tests and we are pretty sure his seizures are related to low thyroid. Currently, he is on phenobarbitol to control the seizures and the plan is to wean him off once we get the thyroid medication in his system. Zeus is currently being fostered in Port Orford. If you are interested in adopting Zeus please fill out an application at application. 3/7/2017

Little Lottie: is looking for a forever home. She is probably about 8-9 months old. She was turned in as a Newfoundland, but her pedigree is questionable. She is about 70lbs and very dainty and fine boned. Lottie is still an adolescent. She has moments of exuberance but she also loves to snuggle. She is good with other dogs, large and small, but untested with cats (I imagine she will be very curious and there will be a learning period). Lottie was raised around children in her short life, but would do best with kids over the age of 12 but she really is going to want the companionship of an adult. She is a very agile, quick learner and would make a good obedience or agility prospect. She loves belly rubs and attention, making her human friends laugh, snow, grooming, treats, running and playing. She is quiet and housebroken. She currently sleeps in the house without any problems. She will want to sleep in your bed with you, but she doesn’t take up much space. She is a little nervous in the car, but I think she will be fine with a little more exposure. She would do best in an active home, which will have the patience and experience to help her transition into a canine good citizen. Lottie had a pretty hard time and wasn’t treated very well in her past home, but it doesn’t seem to get her down. She will be spayed, utd on shots, and microchipped before she is adopted. Lottie is being fostered in Portland. If you are interested in this sweet, lovely girl please fill out an adoption application at application. 12/16/2016