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Volunteer/Foster  Application for Idaho In Word format

Volunteer/Foster Application for Idaho In .pdf format

Atticus: is a 1 1/2 year old Great Dane. Good with kids, needs a proper into to other dogs. Great with cats. 9/28/2017

Brandi: is a 4-5 year old Saint Bernard mix who is soooo sweet! She is currently in foster with a chihuahua and a lab and does wonderful. She can be a little bossy with some dogs, so more submissive, or carefree dogs are best. She knows how to use the dog door and is house trained. Brandi is a very gentle soul and would love to lay at someone's feet all day, go for a walk, eat a little, play a little and then cuddle some more. She loves water bottles and will chew shoes if they are left out :) Apply to adopt this amazing dog at application. 9/28/2017

Petunia: is a baby at just 5-6 months old and is FULL of energy! No lazy households for this girl! She is a Great Dane mix (we are thinking possible Catahoula? What do you think?) She is just a love and sweet as can be with other dogs and kids. Petunia is full of P & V and will keep you on your toes, so she will need an active household that will take her places, let her run, take her hiking or on lots of walks, etc. We would like her to go to a home with another playful dog and a fenced yard. All other animals in the home must be fixed. Apply to adopt this cutie pie at application. 9/28/2017

Buttercup: is a 10-12 month old Saint Bernard puppy. She is the sweetest ever! She loves other dogs, and in fact, we require she go to a home with another playful dog. She had a very neglected puppyhood (she was 34 pounds at 9 months), and her front left leg has some growth issues. The ortho specialist has reviewed her x-rays and says surgery is not needed, but she will be checked up again in a couple weeks to make sure. She will be spayed in the next few months too, but we are letting her get as much growth in as possible. Buttercup is house trained, and loves everyone. Fenced yard required and all animals in the home must be fixed. Apply to adopt our cutie at application. 9/28/2017

Scooby: BIG MYSTERY TO SOLVE! Scooby here. You may remember me, the timid bag of bones who came to hang with these ISBR folks. Well, I swear on my Scooby snacks that was just an act...I'm not scared, never have been, never will be. I'm happy and can hold my own. But I gotta say, I'm so glad everyone was nice...helped make my transition much easier. So, I've been chilling with my crew and the Mystery Machine, solving crimes of who stole my toys (It was my foster sister), but the mystery of who will adopt me hasn't been solved yet. I've asked the DBI (Doggy Bureau of Investigation) to help out, but they are busy. Can you help? Here are the clues we know: I'm 2-3 years old, I eat a LOT, I love other dogs and insist on having one in my new home that I can play with, I'm amazing in the house when my people leave, I WILL sleep on your couch and/or bed (no, you don't have a say in that), no babies for me (sorry girls!), and my background of mystery solving will follow me to my new home, so please let's continue to go on adventures. Ready to solve the mystery? Find out more at application. 9/27/2017

Tucker: Meet Tucker, our newest ISBR member! Tucker will be 2 in December, and man oh man is this guy FULLLLL of energy!!!! Tucker is great with other dogs and we will require he has another bigger, playful dog in his new home to play with and help keep his energy burned. Tucker is great with little kids and has grown up with one, but he is very much a puppy still and could easily knock down a little one down. Tucker will definitely need work on his leash walking, and although he has had obedience training, a refresher wouldn't be a bad idea :) Tucker is a great dog and has been very well loved and taken care of. Fenced yard is absolutely required for Tucker and all other animals must be fixed. No exceptions. We only adopt out to within a day's drive of Boise, Idaho. Apply to adopt this cutie pie at application. 9/12/2017

Tash: is an 8 month old female Saint Bernard mix, great with other dogs. Loves to cuddle. Apply to adopt at application. 6/19/2017

Alley: is a beautiful 5 year old Saint Bernard, who absolutely ADORES PEOPLE!!!!!! We affectionately call her Tigger because she bounces and hops when she's happy :) Alley needs to be an only animal. We are working with her on her dog reactivity, but for now she needs to be the only one, and since she just went gopher hunting and showed us her amazing skills, definitely no small animals. Apply to adopt at application. 1/16/2017

Mosby: SAY HELLO TO PUPPY MOSBY! Mosby is a 4-5 month old old border collie mix puppy.  Mosby is neutered, is vaccinated, has been dewormed, and microchipped. Fenced yard with a 6 foot or taller fence (no underground fences) is a must and all other animals in the home must be fixed. There will be zero exceptions to these requirements for Mosby so please don't ask. Mosby is very energetic and would do best with another playful dog.  No children under 10 as the higher energy of smaller children is not a good mix for Mosby. Socialization will be very important for him and a puppy kindergarten class would be a great place to start! Please apply to adopt at application11/22/2016

OSO: is approximately 3 years old, although he acts younger :) He is said to be a Saint Bernard/Golden Retriever...who knows though? He is a big, cuddly, fuzzy bear. He LOVES to play with other dogs and over the time we have gotten to know him, we have decided that is a must in his new home...another playful dog for him to romp with. He adores toys too and the squeakier the better! Oso also adores children and does fine with cats unless they run, then the chase is on (only for play...) Oso's perfect day would be rolling in the grass, tossing his toys around, playing chase, and then cuddling on the couch to watch a movie. Oh, if he could swim in there too that would be great. Oso can climb fences so a 6 foot or taller fence with no footholds is required.  No chain link fences. Apply to adopt our cuddlebear today at application. 3/23/2016