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OTIS: HI ALL! OTIS HERE! I's just a young pup and the folks's say I needs a forever home. So's let me tells you about me. I'm not quite a year old...just a pup...I know stuff, but could learn some stuff too. I really loves my foster brothers, and really really wants another bigger playful dog in my new home! At my old home, the neighbors didn't like me much and shot at me with a BB gun...can you believes that? How rude! I'm sweet as candies, so what's their problem anyways? I loves to cuddles, and get on the bed with you. I also don't potties in the house, because I's a good boy! I'm quite the catch, so get to filling outs the application! I'm waiting to meets you's! Love, Otis All animals in the home must be fixed. Fenced yard required. We only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID. If interested in adopting Otis, please apply at application. 9/13/2018

Molly: is a 6 year old beautiful, happy Saint Bernard looking for her forever home. She should probably be the only dog in the home as she seems to be selective in who she likes, and she's not a fan of sharing her toys or treats. But she does great with cats, chickens and horses! She has been checked out by a vet to rule out medical issues causing any potential behavior problems. Molly is spayed, house trained, and incredibly loving. If interested, apply to adopt at application. 9/12/2018

Leelou: is a 6 year old beautiful, lady like Saint Bernard, looking for her forever home. She's got a ton of life left, and is just about perfect! She is great with other dogs, cats and kids. Leelou is house trained, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She does well when left home alone. She is quite the cuddler! Apply to adopt this sweeter than candy girl at application. Fenced yard required. All animals in the home must be fixed. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, Idaho. 8/29/2018

Sunguni: (pronounced Sun-gun-eye) is a 6 ish year old Saint Bernard. He is an absolute sweetheart with people, but we do not recommend kids under 16. Sunguni's back story is a little bit of a mystery but we do know he was left in a home with two other dogs after his owner was committed to a hospital. He is very much a resource guarder (food, water, treats, etc) and would do best as an only dog or with a dog that will understand his cues and walk away. He doescurrently live with two other dogs,but will growl if they get too close to"his" stuff, but he seeks them out to cuddle and sleep, or play. We will be incredibly picky aboutthe home he goes to. Experienced giant breed owners only. Fenced yard required. All other animals in the home must be fixed. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, Idaho. Apply to adopt at application. 8/29/2018

DUKE: IS LOOKING FOR HIS FOREVER HOME. Duke is a 2 year old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. He has been an outdoor only dog so will need work on potty training. He is good with other dogs and kids! Duke is a pretty mellow guy, and would love a family to go camping and hiking with. Apply to adopt at application. Fenced yard required. All animals must be fixed. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise. 8/7/20181

Heinz: is a 6 month old Heinz 57 mix puppy...Catahoula mix we think. He is great with the other dogs and would benefit from having an adult dog in the home to teach him how to do things. He also wants to play with the kitties. He has only had one accident inside and that was when the foster family slept in a little later than usual. Heinz is a cool puppy and not much seems to bother him. He is very playful so another playful dog would be beneficial in his new home! If interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption application at application. All animals in the home must be fixed. We only adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, Idaho. 7/19/20181

Butch: Meet Butch! He is a gorgeous 2 1/2-3 year old Mastiff/Saint Bernard mix. He is great with kids and other bigger dogs (small dogs unknown). But absolutely positively NO CATS OR CHICKENS. Butch can be a little destructive if left alone and nothing to do. He has never been crated. Butch is a total sweetheart and pretty mellow (except when he sees cats and chickens). If interested, apply at application. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise. All animals in the home must be fixed. 5/16/2818

Lilly Belle:MY NAME IS LILLY BELLE. I AM A PRINCESS AND AM READY TO BE TREATED LIKE ROYALTY! No really, you can feed me dog bones and fan me with palm leaves 👑 I am incredibly sweet and am told my eyes are mesmerizing. What do you think? I love to play and run crazy with the big dogs, not such a fan of the littles though. I do enjoy kids and they make good cuddlers! I should have a fenced yard to keep out the paparazzi 📸 I take great photos, but a girl just wants to sun bathe without fear of photos ending up in the press. 🗞 I do love my den (you humans call it a crate) and prefer it when you are gone. Apparently chewing things is not acceptable in the human world. Sigh. So picky 🙄 If you think you can give me the life I deserve, apply at application.  I will only move within 12 hours of Boise and need to have all my animals friends spayed or neutered before I move in. 4/2/2818

OSO: is approximately 3 years old, although he acts younger :) He is said to be a Saint Bernard/Golden Retriever...who knows though? He is a big, cuddly, fuzzy bear. He LOVES to play with other dogs and over the time we have gotten to know him, we have decided that is a must in his new home...another playful dog for him to romp with. He adores toys too and the squeakier the better! Oso also adores children and does fine with cats unless they run, then the chase is on (only for play...) Oso's perfect day would be rolling in the grass, tossing his toys around, playing chase, and then cuddling on the couch to watch a movie. Oh, if he could swim in there too that would be great. Oso can climb fences so a 6 foot or taller fence with no footholds is required.  No chain link fences. Apply to adopt our cuddlebear today at application. 3/23/2016