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General Public Postings


The Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc. posts information on this page as a public service.  The Foundation and its Rescue Volunteers (i) are not associated in any manner with these dogs, the parties providing the information, or the circumstances of placement,  (ii) have no knowledge as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, or knowledge as to the temperament, health, or other conditions related to these dogs, and (iii) are not responsible in an manner for placements or other activities that may result from these postings.

All dogs will be cleared after 1 year if I have not heard from the poster.

George: 2-4 year old smooth coat Saint Bernard male that came in as a stray to the Riverside Shelter. He was micro-chipped and neutered but sadly his owners never came forward to claim him. He is ready for adoption or rescue. Mr. George (A1536680) has been in the shelter waiting for his owners to come for over 3 weeks. He is now showing some signs of stress and reactivity towards other dogs however he is pretty easy to handle on the leash and settles down quickly when the staff is working with him. Anybody want to offer this big smooth boy a chance? 8/16/2019

Dutchess: (Illnois)This is Dutchess. She’s 3 years old female. Her back story: Family moved and left her and another dog behind. Duchess was left outside and drinking water that collected on tarp. She is housetrained and great with all the kids she’s met. youngest has been 5. Is fine with most dogs and can very playful and sweet. Loves playing fetch. No reports of guarding food and water. Has been exposed to cats and is interested but not aggressive. Has growled at strangers mainly very tall men. Will approach slowly but I have introduced her to many people and has done great. She is shy at first but if new people go slowly she quickly turns into a snuggly love bug. Walks well for the most part but have noticed that she will lunge at certain cars. Easily redirected if person walking is paying attention. I can tell she is much more comfortable outdoors and is very playful. I’ve had her in my own house and I had no complaints. I will get her booster shot and microchip this week. We have had trouble putting weight on her. She’s a very picky eater. contact; Theresa Napolitano 708-354-0400 11/10/2016

Alexander: (Califirnia) is about 5 years old. He is loyal, affectionate, and even-tempered. He does not do well with small dogs but is great with kids and people of all ages. We rescued him from a high-kill shelter. Alex is in good health, vaccinated, neutered, and ready for a loving family! You can visit Alex's adoption page here; 6/30/2016