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Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.


Adopted (Placed) Saint Bernards 2017

Shelby: is a wonderful 2 year old who is looking for the perfect family.  She adores children and is a very sweet, loving girl.  She is up to date on her shots and spayed.  She does however, need to be the only dog in the home.  She is very loyal and would make a great addition to any family.6/22/2017

Pippi Longstocking: My name is Pippi Longstocking and I am a sweet, s/h mature 6 yr girl looking for a place to spend the rest of my life. I am housebroken and I am good about letting you know when I need to go outside. I am a bit of an early bird, I go to bed around 8 p.m. and don’t need to go out until 10am the next morning. I know commands like sit, down, stay (mostly) and hand signals as well. I walk well on a leash. I love kids but since I am getting older, I will need a special place to retreat when I want some alone time. I would love a family that will take me everywhere, love me and play with me. I like to eat alone, I am a bit shy and I don’t want an audience. I am not too fond of water, other than to drink and I love to drink from the faucet. My owners think I am the sweetest dog they have ever met, but their lives are changing and they want me to have more fun than they can provide. 6/20/2017

Elsa: (Waiting for Foster/Adoption) – 3yr old female, whose elderly owners just do not have the ability to care for her the way Elsa deserves. Elsa has always been an inside dog her whole life, and it is very important that her forever home keep her as an indoor dog. She does well at the dog park and also did well with another dog in her home, but she is probably not as socialized as she should be. In her current home, Elsa has an electric containment fence in the yard and doesn’t cross the boundaries, but she does bark at people walking on the sidewalk. She is up to date on her shots, has not been aggressive in her current situation, and does not do stairs according to her owner. They’re note sure how she would be with cats. She also has not really been exposed to children, but if there children around, it’s probably best that the children be older and know how to be respectful with a large dog. Elsa should be introduced to new people and new situations carefully because she has led a very sheltered life. 6/19/2017


Bernie: is a 3.5 yo neutered male Smoothie. He was found as a stray in the Atlanta area. Sweet guy who is doing well with his obedience training.6/10/2017

BRANDI: IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Brandi is a 4-5 year old Saint Bernard mix who is soooo sweet! She is currently in foster with a chihuahua and does wonderful. She knows how to use the dog door and is house trained. Brandi is a very gentle soul and would love to lay at someone's feet all day, go for a walk, eat a little, play a little and then cuddle some more. She loves water bottles and will chew shoes if they are left out :) 6/8/2017

Havana: is an 8 year old Saint Bernard who becomes immediate best friends with everyone she meets! She's got quite a bit of spunk for her age and is great with dogs and other animals. Havana's foster mom said Havana is the best foster they have had and that Havana just settled right in from day 1. Although Havana will always have a home with her foster, we would love to see her settled with her own family to live out her golden years! She has no obvious medical issues, has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. Her bloodwork came back perfect! 6/8/2017

Fiona: is a gorgeous 2-3 year old female Saint Bernard. She is as sweet as they come, and great with bigger dogs. NO small critters (dogs, cats, etc.). Her prey drive is high. Squirrels won't be a nuisance in your yard with this girl! Fiona is house broken and knows some commands. 6/8/2017

Khloe: is estimated to be about 3 years old. She is good with other dogs, and she is housebroken. Khloe enjoys a wade in the pool, and thrives on attention from her people. She has not been around cats. Khloe has been spayed. She did test positive for heartworms. She is currently underweight, but once she fattens up, she will be a beautiful girl!6/7/2017

Sadie: is a 4 yr old short rough coat female that we rescued from her owner because they are moving and can’t take her. She has been vaccinated, spayed, and micro chipped. Sadie is sweet pup that’s fine with other dogs, house trained, and is great with kids. She loves attention, walks, car rides or just hanging out with you.6/6/2017

Cooper: is 13 month old rough coat male that we rescued from a local shelter after he was picked up as a stray and no one came to claim him. He is goofy pup that is fine with other dogs but still has lots of energy and no manners so we recommend children ten or older plus obedience training. Cooper is vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped.6/6/2017

Apollo: is a 20 month old rough coat male that we rescued from a local shelter after his owners left him there. He is a sweet goofy pup that loves attention, seems to be house trained, good with other dogs and did great riding in the car. Apollo is vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped. Being he is young boy we recommend children ten or older plus some basic obedience training.6/6/2017

Kratos: READY FOR SOME CUTENESS?? Meet 10 month old Great Dane Kratos!!! He is available for adoption through Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue. Kratos is amazing with other dogs and loves kids. He is house trained too and not destructive when left alone. Rides well in the car, and likes the water :) Kratos is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to go! We also had his hips and knees x-rayed as he walks a little funny (has a sway/wiggle), but vet said all looked good in those areas. 6/5/2017

Reno: Look at this gorgeous hunk! Reno is an approximately 10 year old shorthair male in fantastic shape. He is good with all livestock, cats, kids and dogs (he will not instigate anything with other males, but he won’t let himself be picked on either). Reno must be an indoor dog, he likes the couch and wants to be where the people are. Reno knows sit and lay down. This is a tall, strong boy. We have not weighed him officially but are estimating him to be over 200lbs. Reno is in a loving foster home in the Portland area where he will have his veterinary needs taken care of. 6/2/2017

Tank: is an 18 month old boy who has had four homes already in his short life. Tank came into our rescue and just wants to play, eat, sleep and play some more. Tank does have some issues with his back hips and we are working with the vet on the best course of action for him.6/1/2017

Zeus: is a 4 year old male that came into to our rescue when he was dropped off at a local shelter. He is a tall guy standing 31” to 32” at the shoulder. Zeus weighs 113 lbs and is very underweight, but that is his only health issue. Zeus has meet everyone (dogs and cats included) very nicely he is just looking for a friendly home to call his own.6/1/2017


Thor: is an approximately 1 1/2 year old male who was found as a stray. No one claimed him from the shelter which baffles us. He's such a great dog! Thor is great with dogs, cats, kids, everyone! He is incredibly strong and will need a strong handler. We recommend an obedience class to continue with his training. Thor is house trained and knows many commands. Fenced yard is required and all animals in the home must be fixed. Thor will need another playful dog in his new home.5/30/2017

Ranger Jack: My name is Ranger Jack. I just turned a year old. I am a sweet long hair boy. I was raised on a farm and have always been very gentle with all the critters, so it was quite a surprise when I became the prime “suspect” in a livestock “incident”. Rescue is giving me another chance and suggests that I do not go back to farm living. I love to play with other dogs, kids are great, but if a cat wants me to chase it, I will. It’s fun and I like to do fun things. I like swimming and playing in the creek, stuffed animals, and eating..especially people food. I like to ride in the car. I am neutered and utd on everything. 5/29/2017

Moose: Moose is the sweetest boy on this planet!!! His soul purpose is to just love and be loved. Moose is a 6 year old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. When he came to ISBR, he was very sick and was in and out of the vet for many weeks. He has now healed up and feeling great! He loves to play tug of war, and to cuddle. He would do best in a home with a doggy door or someone that is home a lot, as he sometimes has a hard time holding it all day. Moose does great with dogs, cats and kids. 5/26/2017

TURK: IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Turk is a HUGE 3 1/2 year old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. He is good with dogs, cats, kids, house trained, a cuddler, and an overall great dog! If you are interested, please apply at www.saintrescue.org. Fenced yard is required. All other animals in the home must be fixed. 4/12/2017

Buck: & Bronco: Look-out because two large and tall handsome guys with loads of love are wanting to meet you. The brothers are seven years old and must go together since they have lived their whole lives together and are very bonded. They wiggle and bounce up and down wanting loves from you. They would hang out with you watching sports and rooting for your favorite team or licking away your tears from the sad movie on the television.5/18/2017

Buster: is a sweet twelve month old saint mix. He is very loveable, loves people and likes other dogs. He is a mellow dog but also loves his playtime. He has gone to one adoption event that had thousands of people and dogs coming through and he wowed everyone with his loving and playful nature.5/18/2017

BROOKE: IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Brooke is a 3 year old Saint Bernard/Mastiff mix looking for a new home. She is amazing with other dogs, and loves people. Brooke is quite the couch potato :) She has also been raised around chickens and other poultry and seems to do fine. 5/15/2017

Little Lottie: is looking for a forever home. She is probably about 8-9 months old. She was turned in as a Newfoundland, but her pedigree is questionable. She is about 70lbs and very dainty and fine boned. Lottie is still an adolescent. She has moments of exuberance but she also loves to snuggle. She is good with other dogs, large and small, but untested with cats (I imagine she will be very curious and there will be a learning period). Lottie was raised around children in her short life, but would do best with kids over the age of 12 but she really is going to want the companionship of an adult. She is a very agile, quick learner and would make a good obedience or agility prospect. She loves belly rubs and attention, making her human friends laugh, snow, grooming, treats, running and playing. She is quiet and housebroken. She currently sleeps in the house without any problems. She will want to sleep in your bed with you, but she doesn’t take up much space. She is a little nervous in the car, but I think she will be fine with a little more exposure. She would do best in an active home, which will have the patience and experience to help her transition into a canine good citizen. Lottie had a pretty hard time and wasn’t treated very well in her past home, but it doesn’t seem to get her down. She will be spayed, utd on shots, and microchipped before she is adopted. Lottie is being fostered in Portland. 5/15/2017

Penny: is a 18 month old rough coat female that we rescued from her owner because they said she has to much energy for their young family. Penny has been vaccinated, spayed, and micro chipped. She is sweet pup that’s fine with other dogs, house trained, and is great with kids. Penny loves attention, walks, car rides or having play dates with other dogs. Being that she is young we do recommend obedience training. 5/13/2017

Aspen: (Waiting for Foster/Adoption) – 2yr old female, She is very energetic and playful, easy going with kids and other St. Bernard. Unfortunately over the last 6-9 months, she has become very anxious and does not do well being home alone. One of the owners works 12 hour shifts, and the other works 50-60 hours weekly. She has been having accidents in the house, clearing off kitchen counters, eating non-edible objects, etc. They have tried rearranging their schedules so she has less time alone. They have been working on obedience training and trying to expend more of her energy during the times that they are home. They feel she deserves more than what they are currently able to provide for her. 5/9/2017

Zeus: is a 14m male Saint Bernard. Zeus is a fun guy! He loves walks, other dogs and kids; everyone he meets is his new best friend. He loves the water but can’t swim. He was formerly an outdoor dog who slept in the garage but he is learning to be a house dog. Zeus has had a lot of hard knocks in his short life; the most recent being left at the vet clinic when he started having seizures. The vet clinic called rescue and we brought him in. We have ran some tests and we are pretty sure his seizures are related to low thyroid. Currently, he is on phenobarbitol to control the seizures and the plan is to wean him off once we get the thyroid medication in his system. Zeus is currently being fostered in Port Orford. 5/7/2017

Belle: is a shorthair spayed Saint mix female who is under a year old. She is smaller, about 70lbs but at 8 months old there is still room to grow. She is energetic and has been very well trained. Belle just arrived so we are learning more about her. She has not yet been tested with other dogs or cats. We do know that she should not be placed in a home with livestock. Belle is currently fostered in southern Oregon. 5/7/2017

Bella: Meet Bella!! Bella is a 14m old female Saint that was turned over to rescue when her family had to move. Bella has mostly been an outdoor dog, so our foster is working on house breaking and indoor socialization. We were told she gets along great with other dogs, cats and was raised with kids. Her former owner planned to breed her but we are pleased to inform you that Bella will not be a mommy in this lifetime. Bella has not seen a vet since she was two months old, so she will be requiring a full work up. We have had her treated for some extremely infected ears (some of the worst I have seen) and giardia. She also needs to gain some weight. She is very bubbly and outgoing and she will make someone a great pet. Bella should be available for adoption in late April. 5/2/2017

Alaska: is a beautiful two year old charmer. She is sweet, playful and very loving. Alaska previously lived with her sister Denali, who has already found her forever home, and a nine year old little girl. Alaska is running to your heart and saying “I am ready to go home with you”.5/1/2017

Danny Boy: is a very sweet four year old baby. He loves people, has attended many adoption events and is a big hit with everyone there. He does do best with children eight and up because small children kind of baffle him so he just backs away from them. Danny Boy loves to shake paw with you. He likes other dogs too and is such a big lover boy.5/1/2017

DUCHESS: LIL' MISS DUCHESS IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Duchess is a 6 month old Great Dane/Lab mix with the softest coat ever! And what a love :) She leans in for pets and cuddles, and then goes off to explore new things. Duchess would love to go to a home with another playful dog, and is fine with kids too! She is learning crate training, and is mostly potty trained (has only had one accident in the house so far!). Duchess is pretty mellow for being only 6 months old, but is still a puppy so obedience training would be great for her. Duchess rides well in the car also! We just can't say enough good things about this girl. She will be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested prior to adoption. 5/1/2017

Luca: MEET LUCA!! Luca is a 2 year old Saint Bernard mix, available for adoption! Luca is hilarious...so goofy and funny, and full of life and love! Luca loves to go for walks, but has no leash manners, so will definitely need work on that. He knows sit, but that's probably it :) We highly recommend an obedience class. Luca is super smart and wants to please, so training him should be pretty easy. Luca is not house trained yet, so will need work on that as well. We think he was an outdoor only dog his whole life and just hasn't learned proper indoor etiquette yet...but again, he so badly wants to please his people that training of any kind with this boy should be a breeze! Luca will soon be introduced into the play rooms with other dogs, but we don't anticipate any problems at all. He passes and sees other dogs without issue. 5/1/2017

Annie-2: is an 11 month old sweet, energetic puppy who has never meet a stranger. She had a long drive up to North Carolina from Mississippi and now that she is rested she is ready to find her forever home.4/27/2017

Beauty: is a high energy alpha female Saint. The first comment when people see her is how pretty she is and what a beautiful wavy coat she has. Beauty knows her commands, can self entertain, loves walks, attention, body rubs and is house-trained. Beauty is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. She weighs 120 and has been working on building up her bones since she had a broken elbow when she was rescued. Most of the time you can’t even notice a slight limp which doesn’t slow her down. Beauty loves all people, but is choosy about her canine companions that must be submissive to her and enjoy playing hard. She needs a family with prior experience with setting rules with big dogs. Beauty is working on her socialization skills and would love to meet you. The adoption fee includes all shots, hear tworm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. Our adoption fee is $400.00 and we are located in Reno, NV.. If you are interested in adopting, 4/262017

Duke: here he is Duke Just a mere 10-11 months old Duke found himself in a shelter. ISBR stepped in and helped him out. He will require basic obedience upon adoption. He loves everyone. Crate and house trained and potty trained. This boy is the total package. To make him part of your family please fill out an application online. 4/25/2017

Zoey: is a DEAF 9 month old 3/4 Great Dane 1/4 Mastiff available for adoption! Zoey is pretty dang mellow and loves other animals including dogs, cats, ducks and horses. She is house trained and will need another dog in her new home. That's just how she is most comfortable we have found. Zoey is very cuddly and will make someone an amazing family member!! Zoey will be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested prior to adoption. 4/22/2017

Journey: (Waiting for Foster/Adoption) – 4yr old female, The owner says she is extremely loving and enjoys cuddles more than anything. Would be best in a home without small children. She has very mild hip dysplasia but not on any current medications. She will need work on a leash and is a little fearful of strangers. The owners did not get very much socializing done with Journey – will need to be introduced to new people and new situations carefully because she has led a very sheltered life with the current owners. The owners feel she would do best with a fenced in yard and she can be selective with her dog friends. The owners feel that someone who is used to the giant breed and understands how a Bernard can be very protective of its family would be the right fit.4/21/2017

Annie: WHO IS READY FOR CUTENESS OVERLOAD????? Meet Little Orphan Annie!!!! She is an approximately 9 week old Merle Great Dane AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Annie is a snuggle bunny but Loves to play too!! Fenced yard is absolutely required and all animals in the home MUST be fixed. Annie is not quite potty trained as she is just a baby still. Please research what it takes to be prepared for and raise a puppy. It's definitely not for everyone and requires a huge commitment and a lot of time and patience. Also if you aren't familiar with Great Danes, do your research on the breed before applying. They also aren't for everyone. 4/21/2017

Brutus: This is Brutus he is a 3 year old Bullmastiff / Bullmastiff, English Bull dog mix. Brutus is about 19” high at the should and weighs about 90 lbs (built like a tank). He has never met a stranger and wants to play with everyone. He does needs some work on manners, oh and he can be a bit suborn at times. How do you get a 90 lbs dog walking when he flops on his back wiggling and looks at you? Brutus’s energy level is too much for little children but would be great for older kids. He is heartworm negative and up to date on all shots.4/20/2017

Niobi: came to us incredibly skinny and with a huge wound on her nose. Thanks to her foster family, she has gained 22 pounds in the last month and her wound is healing! She looks amazing and is ready to find her forever home! Niobi is a 7 year old Great Dane, does great with other dogs but has some issues with female dogs so males are best. She also currently lives with a cat and does fine. Niobi LOVES laying by the fire and cuddles :). She is an amazing girl with such a sweet spirit and will make some family very lucky. Niobi also lives with kids and does great with them. Fenced yard is required and all animals in the home must be fixed. 4/20/2017

Winston: is a 2 year old English Mastiff who was tied up outside, no food, water or shelter. Luckily he is smart and broke off the chain, ending up at a shelter in Utah. Winston is a really big goof ball, but is very strong and we will be very picky about his new home. NO KIDS UNDER 12. Experienced mastiff owners only. Winston is just not for first time owners. Winston is a wonderful dog, so sweet and playful. Another playful dog in the home that he can play with is ideal. Winston is currently in boarding/training with Good Citizen Dog Boise and is doing great! All potential adopters MUST come to Boise to meet Winston with all family members, including dogs. Winston is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. He had a small (2") portion of the tip of his tail removed due to happy tail. 4/20/2017

Roxy: is a beautiful 8 year old Great Dane. She is very playful and loving. Roxy has a ton of energy for her age...for any age really! She is very bouncy and loves to play tug-o-war and chase. Roxy currently is in foster with 3 other dogs and 3 kids and is doing great! She would do best in a home with another dog to keep her company and play with. Roxy is house trained. 4/20/2017

These dogs are no longer available to find dogs available for adoption please click (Here)

Chrissy: is a 14 month old rough coat female that we rescued from a local shelter after she was surrendered by her owner. When we picked her up she was a little under weight, very dirty and matted, needed to be micro chipped, and might need to have entropion surgery on both eyes. Chrissy is a sweet pup that’s a little shy at first meeting but she warms up quickly. We believe she was raised as an outside dog so she will require obedience and house training. 4/18/2017

Sadie:-2 is a loving girl who is looking for her forever home and a lap to crawl into and cuddle. She is good with other dogs and all people.4/16/2017

Loki: will be two years old June 2017; he weighs in at 165 lbs but should lose 10 to 15 lbs (too much laying around all day). Loki gets along with other dogs, cats kids. He just wants to be near his people. We are working on leash manners and basic commands, so far so good. If you are looking for a big mush ball of a dog here he is.4/16/2017

Buddy: Hello my name is Buddy I am 4 year old big lazy bundle of love. He came into our rescue from a shelter his previous family dumped him in. What we have found a big sweet boy that is looking for is someone just to hang out with. Do to his size (he can rest his chin on the kitchen counter easily) his new family must have giant dog experience. Buddy currently weighs 155 lbs and needs to gain 10 to 20 lbs, he is 36 inches tall at the shoulders and with a head about the size of a basketball. If you are looking for a new big best buddy than Buddy is the one.4/12/2017

Lilly Belle: EXPERIENCED HANDLER ONLY: This gorgeous 3 year old beauty is available for adoption. She should be the only pet in the family. She does currently live with 3 other dogs, a cat and a bird, however, it takes a very alpha leader to make that work. Lilly Belle is such a love and really wants just her people. She is house trained and SO CUDDLY!! Lilly Belle is spayed, up to date on her shots, and microchipped. 4/10/2017

Princess: This is Princess, she is a 15 month old bundle of energy with no manners. Princess came to us from a shelter in Georgia. She has been with us two weeks and what we have discovered is that she is very sweet loves to play and has no clue on the nice way to meet other dogs. So we have started her training and working off her rough edges.4/7/2017

Amos: is a 10 month old wonderful Saint pup. He’s neutered, up to date on shots and has great manners for a puppy. 4/2/2017

Gable: Sweet 11 month old NM. Love seeing everyone and everything. Active and loves to play. To make him part of your home, please fill out an application online. Adoption fee is $400. There are only positive things to say about this handsome . Will require basic obedience after adoption. WE DO REQUIRE A FENCED YARD OR INVISIBLE FENCING PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED FOR ADOPTIONS. SOME EXCEPTIONS APPLY.4/1/2017

Gypsy: is not over two years old. Gypsy and her friend Montana had a very hard start to their early lives – Montana is still recovering at the vets. Gypsy was picked up in the desert, thirsty, hungry and underweight, sores on her paws and body, matted dirty fur with various objects hidden in the tangles, parasites, she had it all from living in the desert. Gypsy loves people of all ages, going for walks, is curious about pools and loves her tennis balls and toys. Getting along with another dog depends on the other dog’s demeanor. We feel both Gypsy and Montana were attacked by Coyotes which sometimes makes her a little leery of other dogs when first meeting. You can see she had to have the hair shaved under her chin as it was too matted to save but it will soon grow out and her coat will be as gorgeous as it should have been all along.3/31/2017

Toby: is estimated to be no more than 18 months old. He is a handsome, energetic, fun loving and very affectionate big puppy. Jake is very smart and learns quickly - especially if you just happen to have a yummy treat in your hand because Jake loves yummy treats. In the home he would do best with another female dog. 3/31/2017

Ruby: is an eight year young sweetheart who came in with Toby. You would never know she is eight though. Our volunteer said that when he took her to his photo studio she figured out that the camera beeps before the flash and would run and try to hide every time the camera beeped, so outside photos it was. Silly girl don’t be camera shy as you are so beautiful. She loves car rides, people and likes other dogs.3/31/2017

Chloe: is the sweetest two year old around. She likes other dogs, is good in the home, a couch potato, loves walks, and does best with children six years old and up.3/31/2017

Sven: (Currently in Foster Home) – approx. 9yr non-neutered male, He has been in a couple homes, then adopted by an older women who had him for 5yrs but she now has medical issues and is unable to care for him. We have been told he is super friendly, ok with other dogs, loves to be brushed, loves to “talk” to people, unknown with little kids. He weighs about 116lbs, up to date on shots – told he has “droopy eye”.3/28/2017

Levi/Leo: (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) originally came from So Woods shelter into WSBR and was adopted to a couple, but ‘daddy” died in April and ‘momma’ died a couple weeks ago. WSBR has no foster home available , especially because he needs to go to ‘a only dog’ home. I feel so bad I don’t have a place for him. 3/28/2017

Gilbert: (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) is a 1 1/2 year old neutered Saint Bernard. Gilbert was not socialized as a puppy so it takes him a little time to get to know you but once he does he will love you for life. He does seem to prefer women to men but has shown that men can be loved too. He would prefer a home with no children and enough room for his big playful body. He loves to play with balls and loves treats. His adoption fee is $175.00 and that includes, microchip, vaccinations, Certified Veterinarian Inspection and 30 days of FREE pet insurance. 3/28/2017

Tonka: is 4 years old, good with other dogs, house trained, good with kids. 3/23/2017

Bear: How cute am I? My name is Bear and I am a 5 yr old l/h neutered male. I’m a big baby who loves attention, women, playing and swimming (I’m a Pisces). I have been well cared for, all my vaccines are UTD. I like female dogs of all sizes once properly introduced and I have been okay around other males. I like cats and am learning all about livestock at my foster home. Kids over ten are ok. I am crate trained and obedience trained---I know the basics, sit, heel, down, recall. I would love a home with lots of room to run. So what’s the catch you ask? I am a bit fearful around strangers who come into my home. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to all the folks coming and going at my foster home and I barked, so I need a home that will give me time to figure this out and work with my stranger-danger issues. The rescue people think it’s best if I go to a home that has previous experience with a dog like me. So do you think we are made for each other? 3/22/2017

Beast: Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. I am named Beast because of my size, not my personality. I am a St. Bernard/Blue Heeler/Springer Spaniel mix and they say I weigh over 100 pounds. We will find out for sure when I go to the veterinarian to be neutered and vaccinated. My owners have a new baby and they are afraid I might accidentally injure her with my large body and tail. I am two years old and have always been with my family, and with sad hearts they have asked for help finding me a forever home. I am really good with both male and female dogs, but no cats. I get along with all men, women and older children. Toddlers are too small for me. I am very friendly and well socialized and do very well with strangers in and out of my house. I am a very active dog and because of my size, I tend to get in trouble because of my separation anxiety. I am used to being put in a crate when I have to be left alone or at night when we all go to bed. It is my safe place. I am house trained and bark to be let outside. I am described as friendly, outgoing, active, confident and sometimes a barker when appropriate. There are two other smaller dogs in the house and I prefer to eat alone instead of sharing my food with them. I love to be outside especially now that we have snow and I really like playing in the water when I get the opportunity to go to the lake or nearby river. I need some more work on learning my basic commands and house manners. I do require a secure fenced yard where I will be safe and unable to jump over it and wander off. 3/20/2017

Baxter: is looking for a new family. He is neutered, microchipped, UTD on shots. He is almost 2 yrs young. He loves to play soccer, playing in the sprinkler and wading in his kiddy pool. He loves his people and is very curious. He knows sit, lie down, wears a harness to walk and is learning to heel. He is described as food motivated, goofy, medium energy, house broke. He travels ok in cars and sleeps indoors. He has a big bark, but seems to warm up to new people quickly. He has not been around any children and needs socialization with dogs and cats. Do you have room in your heart and your home for this big guy?3/19/2017

Dexter: My name is Dexter and I am a handsome 10 month old male St. Bernard mix. The previous owners do not know who my dad was. I am a big, but a very gentle dog. I am currently living with two adults and two very small dogs and we all get along great. I love the little dogs and share our bed, all snuggled up at night and play outside in the fenced yard as if we were all the same size. I am a patient soul and sit back and wait until the little ones have been fed and or had treats. Then I know it is my turn to eat and have a treat. I have only been with this temporary home since Christmas, but I have learned so much from my people. I know my commands, walk okay on a leash and am not a barker, except when I hear noises at the front door. I have great house manners and am friendly and social when new people come to the house. I am neutered and my vaccinations will be current prior to my adoption. Because of my size, I do require a secure fenced yard to keep me safe and from wandering away from home. I would do well with other smaller dogs, or a younger friendly dog to live with. Or, I would do well by myself if I was not left alone for hours at a time. I have never been exposed to cats or small children, so cannot tell you how I would behave around them. I will make a great walking, hiking, running companion. I am currently being fostered in Baker City, OR. 3/14/2017

Missy: is a 2 year old female Saint, good with dogs, cats and kids. House broke and ready for her forever home. 3/10/2017

Emily: is estimated to be five years old. She is a beautiful and regal looking smooth coat (shorthaired) saint. Emily was found as a stray in the desert and we are learning more about her great personality every day. She doesn't like other dogs but this could be because as we have discovered, Emily is deaf. She is a people lover and a very sweet girl who would be a great member of your family. 1/12/2016

Dullay: ( He is 1 1/2 yrs old) a young, energetic, very loving boy who loves riding in cars and walking on a leash. Although he's energetic, he's also content laying around the house with you. He's not much of shedder or drooler and enjoys being brushed. He is good with cats, small dogs and children. Due to his hearing loss, he has been taught hand signals for come, sit and lay down. He is food focused and will get into any unsecured food container. He enjoys toys but will protect/defend toys with food in them. He will do best in a house with another doggy friend and loving family for companionship and play times. Until Feb 18th, he will be at our driver's house " Stephanie in CA for More Info: Please call Stephanie at 916-955-9598 The adoption fee includes all shots, heart worm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of  dog food. Our adoption fee is $400.00 and we are located in Reno, NV. 3/8/2017

Pumpkin: is 22 month old rough coat male that we rescued from his owner. He is a sweet pup that is very playful, loves meeting people, rides great in the car, but needs to be the only dog in the home. Pumpkin is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, but will require some obedience training and he was raised as an out door dog so he will also require house training. 3/7/2017


Hugo: is 4yrs old rough coat male that we rescued from a local shelter after he was picked up as a stray. He is a sweet goofy pup that is fine with other dogs and we have started some training with him but we recommend that he continue with his obedience training. Hugo is vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped.3/7/2017

Annie: is a 25 lbs bundle of love who is between 6 and 9 months old. She was dropped off in the parking lot at work to fend for her self. She is so sweet and has never meet a stranger. 3/6/2017

Emily Jane: is a silly 2 year old Saint Bernard, with loads of love to give! She walks amazingly well on leash, adores car rides (and treats!), and would do best in a home with another bigger dog (NO SMALL CRITTERS) to play with. She is currently in boarding and does great in the doggy play group. The staff there report she is just a major love bug. 3/5/2017

Annie: is a sweet gal who landed herself in our very capable loving hands. She is heartworm positive and currently going through slow kill treatment. She won't be available for a few weeks. Adoption fee is $400.3/4/2017

Delilah: Meet Delilah. 5 year old rough coated gal who landed herself in rescue when her family was broken up by divorce. She is house trained, listens well and loves female dogs. She's a gal pal kind of Saint. She is good with people, kids but is choosy about the male dogs she will get along with. She is a total couch potato. To adopt this sweet girl fill out an application online. 3/4/2017

Penny: came in with Yogi. She is 3 years old smooth coated gal. She is a special case and will require patience and time. She is sweet and loving once she makes up to someone but can be stand offish until then. Her adoption fee is $400. Please email for more information.3/4/2017

Gordo: what a handsome big loveable lug. He likes other dogs of all sizes and lived with another saint and a small dog. He loves people of all ages and lived with small children. This guy is so loving, kind and gentle. He is five years old and loves his walks with our volunteers. Gordo is an all-around great saint for any family. 2/28/2017

Claude: is a handsome two year old sweetheart. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is people. Claude must be the only dog in the home.  Change his age to 4 years old. He loves everyone and no one is a stranger to him – they are just another person to give loves to. Come meet this goofball and get lots and lots of love and kisses.2/28/2017

Allie: is a very regal looking four year old Saint mix. We don’t know what the mix side is but it doesn’t really matter because she is gorgeous. Allie loves, loves, loves people of all ages and just wants to be close to you. She is a fun loving girl who also has great manners. Allie is all dressed up in her cool summer shades and hat ready to go home with her new family.2/28/2017

Dozer: is a gorgeous two year old male. He is a little shy at first but warms up quickly. Dozer loves people, dogs of all sizes, cats, cuddles and above all – he loves water. He will find any puddle he can and bounce around in it. 2/28/2017

Chloe: This is Chloe she came into rescue when another dog in the home decided that she had to go. She is a big girl weighing in at 167 lbs all the while she thinks she is a lap dog. Chloe loves everyone and everything and just is looking to spend the rest of her life with. So if you need a new big best friend her she is.2/20/2017

Riley: This is Riley she a very sweet calm girl who is looking for a good place to take a nap and hang out with her people. She came into our rescue from a family that could not keep her and now she is looking for her forever home.2/20/2017

Buddy: Hello my name is Buddy I am 4 year old big lazy bundle of love. He came into our rescue from a shelter his previous family dumped him in. What we have found a big sweet boy that is looking for is someone just to hang out with. Do to his size (he can rest his chin on the kitchen counter easily) his new family must have giant dog experience. Buddy currently weighs 155 lbs and needs to gain 10 to 20 lbs, he is 36 inches tall at the shoulders and with a head about the size of a basketball. If you are looking for a new big best buddy than Buddy is the one. 2/20/2017

Lily: FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED! Meet Lily! She is a gorgeous 3-4 year old Saint Bernard who was surrendered to us because her family moved from the country to the city and she doesn't have enough room. Lily can get a little grumpy with other dogs, but with some work would probably be okay as she has lived with other dogs before. Lily is a hugger and such a cuddle bug. She would love to go on walks, or hang out on the back porch with you, and snuggling on the couch would be peachy. This girl is the sweetest thing. I've been told she is great with cats too. Lily would love room to roam and a family to call her own. 2/19/2017

Kirby: and Jeffrey! Kirby: Introducing Kirby and Jeffrey! Kirby is an 8 year old Landseer Newfoundland and Jeffrey is her 5 year old best buddy. They are looking for a forever home together. Kirby has severe arthritis that we are managing with pain medication. Jeffrey is in good health, but a little overweight at 184lbs. Both dogs are spayed/neutered, chipped, heartworm negative and will be UTD on shots. They get along with other mellow dogs, are housebroken, and have lovely temperaments. They need to go to a home without kids due to Kirby's structural issues. Currently fostered in Portland, OR. Is there room in your heart and on your couch for this gorgeous pair? 2/18/2017

Jake: is a 4-5 yo neutered male rough coat. His family was evicted so he was turned over to a shelter.He is very sweet and loves children.2/17/2017

Bonnie: Bonnie’s time at the shelter came to an end and her people never showed up to get her. So on her last day one of our volunteers was able to pull her and get her out of there. Bonnie is 4 to 5 years old severally underweight that’s the bad news. The good news she loves anyone with two legs, young old big small it does not matter. She just is not good with the ones with four legs. Bonnie is current on all shots, heartworm negative and has been spayed so she is good to go to her new home.2/15/2017

Henry: Hi my name is Henry. This nice lady came down to Mullins SC after the storm and just could not leave without me (I am so cute). So now I am safe and out of the shelter looking for a forever home. I am a Lab mix and weigh in at 45 lbs. and learning about all of the fun stuff puppies get to do.2/15/2017

Jerzy: is a very petite, sweet 2 year old female St. Bernard. She weighs less than 100 lbs. and will not be much bigger. She is a gorgeous girl! Jerzy gets along with other dogs and loves people. She loves attention, and would do best in a home with.2/13/2017

Nu-Nu: Long Hair 3 yrs old She likes other dogs, has med energy. Loves people. Seems ok with Cats She also can dig out of a yard in a second The adoption fee includes all shots, heart worm test, neutering, a Home Again microchip and one night free obedience class in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Tahoe areas. We also include an information packet and a large bag of Pedigree dog food. Our adoption fee is $400.00 and we are located in Reno, NV.. 2/12/2017

Cody: is an 8 month old King Shepherd puppy, a rare breed that resembles a very large plush coated German Shepherd dog. Cody is a good boy, eager to please. He listens well and learns quickly. He is good with other dogs, still learning about other animals and children. He should still be supervised as he is a big puppy and wants to PLAY with every animal and person he meets. Cody needs a lot of exercise, so a large fenced area is a must and his future family should be willing to commit to his training. Experience with the breed or similar breeds is a plus! Cody is currently being fostered in Port Orford, OR.2/12/2017

Hope: is a sweet Saint. She lives peaceably with 3 other giant breed dogs, and likes children. She is housebroken, and fairly well mannered. Hope is estimated to be about 3 years old. She came into rescue as a stray-very thin, shy, ear infections, and just having given birth to pups. She is now spayed and ready for adoption. Hope is heartworm positive. She has not been tested around cats. She is being fostered in the Houston area.2/9/2017

Hammie: is a handsome, friendly 4 year old male short haired St. Bernard rescued from the local shelter just two days before Christmas. Hammie is a quiet, sweet boy who gets along with other dogs and enjoys people. He loves to go for rides.2/5/2017

Max: is 1yr 6 months old rough coat male that we rescued from a local shelter along with his sister Ruby. He is a sweet goofy pup that is fine with other dogs but still has lots of energy. Max is vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped. He doesn’t seem to know any commands so we recommend obedience training.2/2/2017

Max: and Parker: are a 2 year old bonded pair of Saints surrendered to the rescue. They are good with dogs, cats and kids. 1/28/2017

JAGGER: MEET JAGGER! Jagger is a 10 month old cutie pie Great Dane that came to us from a shelter in Utah. Jagger is currently enrolled in training with Good Citizen Dog Boise and once that is complete he will be available for adoption. He is a young, very energetic guy! He LOVES to play with other dogs so a bigger dog in the home that he can play with would be nice, or lots of play dates. He is good with kids. No idea on cats. Fenced yard is required and all animals in the home must be fixed. 1/16/2017

Missy: Hi I'm Missy! I'm 21 years old (3 dog years), and am a whole lotta fun! Ask anyone. I currently have some roommates, both 2 legged and 4 legged, and adore them all, but really need my own place, ya know? These folks were kind enough to put me up when times got hard, but a girls gotta spread her wings and see the world. Here's what I'm looking for: a 4 legged roommate that likes to have a good time is just about a must. I'm a fun girl and need someone to get rowdy with. I adore the small 2 legged folks, so those are cool too. I am a young girl and like to strut my stuff, so dog parks would be fun! I know how to use a dog door (although I do like the door held open for me...all ladies do). I can be pretty chill too, and like to cuddle. I do need a fenced yard and all the 4 legged creatures need to be fixed, like me. Don't I sound like an amazing catch? 1/15/2017

Ruby: is 1yr 6 months old rough coat female that we rescued from a local shelter along with her brother Max. She is sweet girl that is fine with other dogs but she still has spurts of energy. Ruby is vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped. She doesn’t seem to know any commands so we recommend obedience training.1/14/2017

Zeus: is 10 month old smooth coat male that we rescued from his owner. Zeus is a sweet pup that is very playful, loves meeting people, good with kids and other dogs and rides great in the car. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, but will require obedience training. 1/14/2017

Found on Upper River Rd, currently at Josephine Country Animal Shelter in Grants Pass, OR. 1/9/2017

Sadie Mae: is the newest ISBR crew member. Her owner was having some physical issues and just couldn't provide the best life for Sadie Mae anymore so she selflessly surrendered her so we can find her forever home. Sadie is an 8 year old Great Dane, but still has some spunk in her! She is amazing with dogs, cats and kids and although she has been an outdoor dog her whole life, she had adjusted amazingly well to indoor living and no potty accidents. She is lower energy and curious about her surroundings. Fenced yard required and all animals in the home must be fixed. 1/8/2017

Mishka: Beautiful Mishka recently lost her family when there was divorce in the family and she is looking for a forever home. Our volunteer, Tammy stepped right up and brought Mishka to her home and has brought her back to health. Mishka is a spayed longhair female good with other dogs, cats and kids. Mishka will be 7 yrs old this month but she is still a playful gal. She likes car rides, walks, snuggles and lots of attention.1/8/2017

Rainier: and Mieke: 1/5/2017

Tonka: is a beautiful sweet girl who is almost two years old. She is very playful and affectionate with people of all ages, dogs and cats. Tonka is a little shy with people when she first meets them because her former family didn’t have the time to get her out and around people, but she warms up quickly and loves to be wherever you are. She currently is in a foster home and lives with several other dogs and cats and has been busy meeting all kinds of visitors to the home and getting out and about.1/5/2017

Lucy: I have gotten in trouble asking a lady her age so I am not starting that again. Other people put Lucy’s age between 1.5 and 2.5 years old. She is petite girl who weighs in at about 88 lbs thou she could stand to again 10 to 15 lbs. She came into are rescue when someone dumped her on a dirt road and she walked on the porch of a nearby house. They contact our rescue because they could not keep her. She is sweet to everyone she meets and she wants to meet everyone. She does bark at new dogs but it is just her way of saying hi. We are working through some health issues and then she will be spayed. So if you are looking for a small Saint with a great attitude than she is the one. 1/4/2017

Brutus: is an adorable 2 year old long haired male St. Bernard. Brutus had been an outdoor dog primarily before coming to rescue after his original owner abandoned him with a friend and did not come back for him. Brutus is well behaved in the house and has had some training. He knows sit, down and walks well on the leash. Brutus enjoys car rides and walks. He is currently living with two cats and is doing very well with them. No poultry, chicken tastes good! He loves attention and being petted. His behavior toward other dogs is good. He will bark when people come to the door but settles down quickly. His former owner stated that he likes children, although we recommend he goes to a home with children over the age of 12. Fenced yard is required. Brutus will be UTD on all shots, neutered, microchipped and heartworm tested prior to adoption. 1/4/2017